Ontario...we have a problem!

Actually, it's not just us. The same three problems exist all around the world and we're on a mission to solve them, with your help.


Skills Signaling

We don't know what skills we need to secure employment and remain meaningfully employed. 

"I'm hearing about new skills all the time but I'm really not sure which ones are important for me."


We will provide our customers with accurate and timely information about the skills in demand by employers in their respective talent pipeline.

Skills Development

Because we don't really KNOW the skills we need we are hesitant to invest in our own development.


"What if I spend time and money developing a skill that employers don't care about?"


Our services have been co-designed with employers to ensure that the way the skill will be developed will enable you to develop the skill at the appropriate level and to apply it in your own talent pipeline.

Skills Articulation

Even if we have the skills employers need we are not sure what they need from us to substantiate the claims we make about our skills and hire us!

"I thought having the right degree would be enough but employers don't understand how this has equipped me to help solve their problems. How can I prove this to them?"


We will enable you to effectively articulate your skill to prospective and existing employers to increase the strength of your job applications and/or improve your potential to secure a new opportunity.

Ontario Tech University’s Board of Governors approved the creation of Ontario Tech Talent "TALENT" in February 2020. This unique talent development initiative aims to provide students and new graduates with opportunities to enhance their job readiness skills and improve employment prospects. It will also help alumni and community members remain meaningfully employed in the ever-changing job market by proactively reskilling them to avoid job displacement.


TALENT works in close partnership with students and employers to assess skills gaps and develop services tailored to the evolving needs of learners and employers. These includes co-designed verifiable microcredentials that demonstrate competency in high-demand skills.


This model will be advantageous to employers by ensuring job applicants and their existing workforce are able to demonstrate the skills their organization needs resulting in lower onboarding and training costs, reducing productivity losses related to the time typically associated with skills development and increasing employee retention through rapid and focused workforce reskilling.